Our aim is simple: to help business deliver long term world-class results. We want to be recognized as world-class investors and an important service provider in the Middle East. We want to support our companies through international best practice governance.

We raise funds from large private investors and the funds are subsequently invested in companies at an early stage of their development but with high potential of growth and to medium underperforming companies in need of new directions and strategies in order to maximize their potential.

Our decisions are based on a detailed due diligence process and in-depth analysis of the existing company or evaluation of business plan of young enterprises. This process enables us to assess risks, select the opportunities, and to identify improvements that can be made to the potential portfolio of companies.

We can assist you by creating a partnership, not only financially but also through continuous involvement and assistance, experience and expertise of our team and unique network of opportunities. Working in the business alongside management, we refine the strategic and operational plan that we developed pre-acquisition and help with its implementation

Eurocom Investments main activities include:

  • Early stage venture capital investments in business with high growth potential;
  • Investment in underperforming or distressed companies in need of new strategies to revitalize their results;
  • Establishment of companies and projects and entering in joint ventures to ensure synergies, share experience, lower risk and enhance development;
  • Investments in shares and securities to acquire minor participations;
  • Real Estate Development through partnership of project owners.