Eurocom Investments LLC was established to engage in selective opportunities brought to its attention throughout the world. We have continuously been striving alliances with market players across the globe paving the way for an aggressive and committed business growth model.

Objectivity and perspective best describe our approach to each client's unique situation and how we deliver individually tailored solutions that effectively address their issues. Our solutions are personal, based on detailed due diligence in partnership with you in order to deliver world-class results.

The outcome is a true collaborative relationship based on shared goals. We recognize that our success is directly tied to the success of our clients. Professionalism, experience and shared goals are the key factors that enable us to unlock the hidden value from investments. Through strategic change, sustained investment and improved management we enhance our portfolio to a higher level of performance.

We work with companies of all sizes, operating in different sectors and located in different geographical markets. We generally invest in companies of medium size in need of major changes to improve their overall results or in small business with high growth potential. We contribute with capital, participate in definition of strategies and decision making process, ease access to world markets and provide external consultancy through our experienced and specialized partners.

Together we focus on success, helping to achieve growth in revenues and profits and to build strong foundations for long term results.


The quality of the people we work with is the underpinning factor of our success. Our approach is based on partnership with leaders with ability to set strategies, lead change, inspire people and create value. 

Our team is composed of professionals with broad operating experience as entrepreneurs, managers and investors and we also rely on a network of associates working in general management, operations, sales, technology and finance roles. Their experience and skills gained in a series of successful business turnarounds and start-ups enables us that the investment we make fulfill their potential and achieve market leadership.

We are constantly in search of new members to join our team. Your personal networks, market knowledge and leadership experience combined with our flexibility, pro-activeness and open environment are the best strategy to reach synergies and success.